September 26, 2011, 10:28 pm
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I’m so totally in love and obsessed with this site. After the first day I literally spent at least 8 hours on the site organizing and trying to figure everything out, I thought “Oh crap! I am never going to get anything done again.”

However I was very wrong. I have gotten more things done the last 2 weeks then I have in a long time. With some of these projects you see how easy they are and half the time I already have everything I need or I’m missing a few things and I can just run out and grab them. I’ve also been alone so what else am I gonna do with my time?

I’ve made earrings from a paperclip,

a bracelet from washers,

toner from witch hazel, hair pins from buttons, pore strips from jello and painted my toes with newspaper.

It really is the best thing ever. I love that you can have community boards and tag people in pins (it saves a lot of time and emails). The one thing I don’t like is that boards can’t be private! Don’t they know that creative people come from other creative people and some gifts need to be a secret or you don’t want people to see your baby board when your are no where close to having a baby? Don’t worry though I have already emailed them about this problem.

P.S. Caleb comes home in two days and I am so looking forward to trying some of the recipes I’ve found!

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