June 11, 2011, 7:20 pm
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Let the record show that I hate it when Caleb is gone.

When your boyfriend (still cant say fiancée, that seems weird) is gone for weeks at a time you have to find the positives. Everytime he is gone I have to find a new normal and a new routine. I find comfort in familiar things so I find myself falling back into these same habits while he is away. For example, watching whole seasons of Friends in three days, maybe washing the dishes once a week, watching Father of the Bride or Sleepless in Seattle probably 30ish times, going to bed around 9, eating dinner in bed (don’t tell Caleb about that one) and having ice cream for dinner (don’t tell my family about that one)! Thank god he is only gone for 6 weeks because no sane person could actually live like this forever.

I leave you with a picture of my dinner last night. Five dollars is a bit extreme for ice cream and a homemade waffle cone, however I would spend ten dollars for Molly Moons! Me and Caleb usually share which means that we have to agree on a flavor. Our ideas of what makes an ice cream flavor good is very very different. Caleb likes coffee and candy crap inside his. I like fruit flavors and sorbot. We kinda meet in the middle and settle with chocolate or mint. Tonight I found a new positive and ate an entire cone of strawberry ice cream!


(Let the record also show that I could have this any time I wanted but when Caleb is home I love to share food. And money.)


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