I am alive!
June 4, 2011, 2:29 am
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I know, I know it’s been way too long. So here is a quick update…

-Caleb and I are engaged! We will be getting married in Seattle in August!

-We are in Seattle! Totally settled and have made a pretty amazing home together.

-Work. Made it past the probation period and was officially hired. Everything is all good, some days are better than others just like any job, I would assume. However I have some amazing coworkers that I now call friends.

-Caleb is on tour again for 6 weeks.

-And I turned 23 this week!

So that’s not even close to everything that has happened in the last 5 months but why dwell in the past?

I’m going to try to move forward from here and see what happens. Maybe the posts will look the same as before or maybe they will turn into something brand new, who knows. Or maybe it will be a once in a while kinda thing. Only time will tell.

Right now I leave you with this:


Just one of the many reasons we love Seattle. This is where I will become Calebs wife! Insanity.

P.S. This WordPress app makes updating so much more convenient!

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YAY to everything! Especially new posts from you!

Comment by Our Little Nest UpNorth

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