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August 18, 2010, 9:31 pm
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If I’ve said it once I have it a dozen times, “If I can learn to cook in this kitchen, I can cook anywhere.” I have gotten to the point to where I am no longer scared to cook something or even get upset when it doesn’t turn out. (Still not over my hatred for washing dishes afterward!)

In my family breakfast for dinner is essential, and Tuesday I wanted pancakes and sausage so that’s exactly what I made. Couldn’t be too hard right?

Now please no one take this as me whining and complaining, I know that one day I will look back and laugh at how I thought that was difficult and maybe even wish things were this simple again. I just want to take you through the process of cooking breakfast in our very ancient kitchen with the very limited cooking utensils that we have.

Step 1: Mix the batter with a whisk without a whisk. Luckily we have beater attachments.

Step 2: Cooking pancakes one at a time because the big burner doesn’t work, while holding the pan handle down because the pan is too huge and the cakes are too light.

Step 3: Cooking the sausage in a pot because we only have one pot and one pan. However I found that it was much easier and got burned far less because the grease couldn’t reach me.

The process took a bit longer than probably for the Average Joe but everything turned out great and was a simple meal to prepare, relatively speaking. And if being able to finish a whole meal that I prepared was good enough satisfaction than the sheer feeling of accomplishment and knowing that I made do with what I had made it totally worth it.

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This is hilarious. You have made me very proud:)

Comment by Angie

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