August 10, 2010, 10:44 am
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The youngest in my family turned 8 years old yesterday. 8?! I don’t know how this happened, I will not carry on about how old it makes me feel or how sad it makes me since he is the baby and he can’t grow up.

I’m at a loss for words how to even begin to describe him. He is just Jacob, not at all as common as his name.

Jacob is-

  • smart
  • talented
  • always naked
  • unique
  • gorgeous
  • consistently moving, whether its running or flipping
  • sweet, with a hard outer shell
  • genuine

He is in every way the baby of the family. The one everyone wants to be around. The one everyone wants the snuggle with. The one everyone wants to take care of. And the one that can get everyone to do what he wants.

We celebrated his day of birth with french toast and a pirate themed party.

Jacob was the last person in the family that wanted a vintage painted suitcase, so it was of course orange with a rhino.

Props to Angie for the awesome pirate ship cake and also coming up with the greatest party idea ever, that I plan on stealing. There was more to pirate theme it was inspired by Treasure Island so each guest received their own copy of Treasure Island and a wood painted chest full of salt water taffy. Pure genius.

Happy Birthday Jacob! I hope you had the best birthday yet! I love you!


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