Snickerdoodles: Take-Two
July 9, 2010, 1:12 pm
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If you remember, my last attempt with snickerdoodles did not go so well but I have been determined to get them right. I even spent way to much (in my opinion) on fresh cinnamon and nutmeg at a local shop, knowing they would make all the difference. And they did.

Snickerdoodles are by far the easiest cookie to make, and I love that in 5 minutes they’re done. I used Trader Joe’s 100% White Whole Wheat Flour, so maybe that made them on the “healthier” side? I have no idea how all the different types of flour work.


I am beginning to love baking, I’m not a sweets kinda person by any means but I’m learning how much cheaper it is to bake because of using the same ingredients over and over again and just added the “special” thing that makes it different. Also a bonus is that Caleb loves sweets, hoping this all leads to him gaining a few pounds.

Next on the list: my personal favorite, banana bread and chocolate chip cookies for Caleb.

*Dear Family Members that thrift, I’m now obsessed with this stainless steel/ tin bowl and need many more in all shapes and sizes. Let me know if you find any, please and thank you!


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