ten things (of work)
June 17, 2010, 2:27 pm
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I got the idea from soulemama, ten things that bring me great joy right. Since I am at work, they all have to do with the joys that work brings me, yes I could think of ten.

1. Work clothes. I love work clothes for two reasons, I like getting dressed up and then I like going home and putting on my normal clothes. It makes me feel like two very different people and feel grown up.

2. Dancing feet under my desk. Sometimes I forget where I’m at and the dancing moves from my feet up the rest of my body. One day I will get caught, I just know it.

Feel time too:

3. Catch up on blogs and blogging.

4. Plan new crafts, such as Father’s Day & Birthday cards. I swore I would never start making cards but come one those are super cute.

5. Chat with Caleb on IM. It brings back a lot of memories and makes me feel young (er).

6. Free cookies in the kitchen.

7. Listening to The Last Five Years straight through.

8. Being told that I have good observation skills.

9. Being motivated to go home and get projects done and create new opportunities for myself.

10. Thinking outside the box. Seeing a need and coming up with a solution. (or at least forming a solution in my head)

** ** **

And you?? What are ten things bringing you joy right in this moment? Write it down, say it out loud, photograph it, or share it with those you love…


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I like this!

Comment by Caleb

I LOVE that you did this centered around work. I think that so often we forget that there are true joys in our work time, and you have put this together so beautifully. Thanks for sharing

Comment by Heather


Comment by Phillip

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