Death by Boredom.
June 14, 2010, 3:25 pm
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Is it possible to actually die of boredom? I’m beginning to think so. My class and field placement are not going so well, they’re not hard or scary, just boring. I wont go into great detail about how horrible it is or how much I hate it or how it’s not what I thought it would be or how I can’t imagine spending 40 hours a week for most of life doing this, however I will complain about how it’s turning me into a grandma!

I work three days a week, very simple, easy schedule. I’m very lucky that it’s only 9-4, however come 10 pm I’m tired and actually falling asleep at 11, which is awesome during the week not so awesome when you’re 22 and it’s the weekend and want to do stuff but are too tired. (Also sucks when I can’t sleep past 9 on a Sunday!) I’ll find the balance, I promise, just give me some time.

What makes me angry is that, I’m tired and I’m not actually doing anything, like a single thing. I would be all about being tired if I felt like I was accomplishing something at the end of the day but I’m not.

Maybe it will get better. Maybe it’s just this agency. Or maybe I should have been an art teacher for special needs children?

I leave you with what I did in class today—

my lists for the next week. (On the other side are my “notes” from work last week. By “notes” I mean future craft project ideas and doodles.)

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