Perfect Day
June 12, 2010, 8:55 pm
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When I started interning I told myself that I would not be lazy on Saturday’s and sleep the day away but make the most of my day off. And that’s exactly what I did-

thrifting for 60 records (that will hopefully lead to new opportunities)

lunch at bobbie’s dairy dip- where else can you get delicious food, amazing dessert, and sing ‘leader of the pack?’

for those who love peanut butter

chocolate in its greatest form- covering any fruit

heaven! managed to only walk away with two new fabrics

and despite the heat

belcourt parking lot, for the viewing of raising arizona.

It was my most perfect day but the best part was getting to spend it with this guy.

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enjoyed this one very much! I want both the ice cream, the banana and burger and fries . . I’m very hungry right now by the way:

Love ya!

Comment by Mom

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