June 2, 2010, 3:12 pm
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What do you know about sunscreen? Since summer has pretty much started in Tennessee it’s time for me to start thinking about sunscreen. I have been putting off doing the research about all natural sunscreens but after going swimming yesterday and using our Target brand that burned our face, I can’t put it off any longer.

So I turn to you, the five people that read my blog and anyone else who may stumble upon me… what do you know? What do you use? What should I be looking for or staying away from? The health of my skin depends on you.

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Too much pressure.
I think the organics/all naturals are supposed to be good, and might actually be affordable for one person. 5?? And one of those a ghost?? Not so much. Going the hat/t-shirt/cover-up route during the midday hours and soaking up the vitamin D the rest of the time.

Comment by Angie

badger brand sunscreen. its super thick so you will need to play around with the amount you need (esp on your face – i’m sure you’ll look like a ghost the first time LOL) here is the link it is pricier than store brands but worth it imo. you can find it in any health food type store. fwiw – i don’t know how fair your skin is but make sure you give yourself some time to soak up the sun without sunscreen for vit d! i don’t use sunscreen on me or my boys unless we are on the beach or swimming for long periods of time. my husband otoh won’t leave the house without it slathered on! to each his own!

btw – i tried to comment on your deodorant post a while back – i use straight baking soda and it works great!

Comment by lorena

thanks for the info, i will be sure to look into that.

i will also try the baking soda route. right now i have been using arm and hammer all natural, which i love.

i also saw on your blog a while back you using the powered laundry soap, do you still like it? i made mine a month ago and still loving it!

Comment by savannahmoulton

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