Happy Mother’s Day
May 9, 2010, 8:56 am
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Happy Mother’s Day to you. This isn’t going to be a long mushy post, partly because I’m not that kinda person and partly because I don’t believe in this day, I think you should be celebrating your mom everyday. Maybe I’ll feel differently when I’m a mom. However, I do believe in presents, and I feel now and later that Mother’s Day is the perfect day for homemade presents, so that is what I did for both my “moms.”

I will take a minute to say that I’m one of the lucky ones that has two very different moms. I have my mom and my stepmom. Both of which are amazing women, truly don’t know two women who are this amazing. Most people are blessed with one mom, but I get two!

They have both taught me so many lessons (and are still teaching me) and have helped make me a well-balanced woman.

Like I said they are very different but one thing that is the same is that they love their kids more than themselves and would do anything for them.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

Happy Mother’s Day Ang!

I love you both! Thank you for loving me too!


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love you very much Savannah . . you stole my heart the minute I held you for the first time!!!

Comment by Mom

Thanks!! Love ya.

Comment by Angie

p.s. By far, most favorite presents of the week. Thanks.

Comment by Angie

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