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May 6, 2010, 3:45 pm
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So a few months ago, Caleb made a big mistake (not really) and showed me this website. It is a cosmetic database that has safety reviews for just about everything. You can search by actually typing in a product or by categories. They have a score key that is based on the ingredients in the project; 0-2 low hazard, 3-6 medium hazard, and 7-10 high hazard.

Needless to say I went a little search crazy and went through just about everything I had and most of the stuff was in the high hazard section. I took it the extreme and threw a bunch of stuff away and made several vows, like I would never wash my hair with shampoo again, etc. I was definitely lacking the balance and went from one extreme to the next.

Since then I feel like I have managed to find a happy medium. I’m still using my all natural deodorant, barely wearing makeup, using all natural soap, however I still have my shampoo and conditioner. (I will probably always go back and forth with the shampoo.)

Anyways some really awesome things did come from the website. I was in need of a good face wash and facial wax. I searched by the category and found ones that were a 0! And they are so amazing that I must share them with you.

I have never used a home wax and was a little scared at first, but this wax is incredible. It’s really easy and the strips are reusable. It wasn’t painful for me, however it was for my mom. I was only red for about a day and normally I break out when I go and get it done and I didn’t with this. I ordered it from Amazon and its a bit on the expensive side but I imagine it will last awhile and is totally worth it.

The next is an acne treatment. The main ingredient in this is Tea Tree so it smells pretty amazing and nothing has ever worked so good on my face. Since this is just an acne treatment, I recently purchased Thursday Plantation’s face wash and seems to work out great. (This also came from Amazon.)

Both these products sparked my interest in Tea Tree, so I bought some organic oil and the Tea Tree Bible to learn about all the ways you can use it, which is almost everything!


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A note on the tea tree; with so many people dealing with flood damage this week, I heard a mold specialist on the radio talking about the ways to minimize the growth of mold, and using straight tea tree oil was one of the ways…..crazy!!

Comment by Angie

that’s crazy!

Comment by savannahmoulton

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