The Great Nashville Monsoon of May 1st.
May 1, 2010, 11:21 pm
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Tennessee got the floods of a lifetime today.

Me and Caleb were totally safe in Nashville and could get out and around. However our families in the surrounding areas didn’t have such great of luck.

This is Nolensville Road in Nolensville, where my mom lives. She spent the whole day at home.

My stepmom and brothers and sister were on their way home from Bowling Green, KY. The trip is about an hour and fifteen minutes, it took them 7 hours to get home. They have declared  La Vergne (the town they live in) a disaster area.

Here is a video of the interstate they should have taken to get home. Me and Caleb watched this happen live on the news.

Rain is still coming down now and more tomorrow.

This is for sure something that we will all always remember. I’m extremely grateful that everyone is home and safe.


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Omg that video is unreal…!

Comment by Nelly

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