Baking a cake or building a house?
April 5, 2010, 8:00 am
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My MeMaw made the world’s best pineapple cake.

It’s just a normal pineapple cake recipe it however has special meaning. Whenever we would visit her in South Carolina, she always had this cake, no matter if it was Christmas or in the middle of summer, pineapple cake was a given.

My mom and stepmom have made this cake several times, and every time it taste amazing- I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to have it taste bad. What is impossible is having it look like hers- it was ALWAYS perfect.

I always assumed that the problem was in the icing, because most of the time we would change it to pineapple cake soup or pineapple cake with a side of icing.  It never mattered what form it was in because it was always delicious.

I was invited to spend Easter with Caleb’s family, so I decided to try making the cake. On top of never making it before and knowing the history of it and how no one could get the icing just right, now if this was just for my family I wouldn’t have worried so much but this was the first time ever having made something that the Palmas would eat.

The recipe calls to refrigerate the icing, however it doesn’t say for how long, I wasn’t taking any changes and left it in all night. I went ahead and make the cake the night before too so all I had to do the morning was ice it.

When I got up the icing was perfect, so I should have been golden right? Wrong!

Every time I cook, I learn a whole new lesson. This time the lesson was putting a cake together is a lot like building a house, if the foundation is cracked or messed up in any way the house or in my case the cake is gonna fall. Where did I go wrong? The problem was cutting the cakes in halves. The first one I cut all along the edges but didn’t make it to the middle so enter giant hole in the center of the cake. My first thought was no big deal I’ll but in somewhere in the middle and no one will know. Well apparently if you have a cake that is falling into pieces it’s a bad idea to throw it in the middle and pile thick icing, layer of cake, and another layer of icing on top. What happened next could be explained by gravity. The pieces of cake started to fall out from under the top layer causing a pineapple cake landslide if you will. In a sheer of panic, I make another dumb move and decided to scoop away the icing and cake that was falling- at the time it seemed like a great idea. Wrong again. I finished icing the top of the cake and then all of a sudden out of nowhere there was a huge crack right down the middle of the cake. Apparently since I scooped away the cake that fell under the top lay, it couldn’t hold the icing alone and then enter second crack.

I manged to get it looking half way decent and convinced myself that it didn’t matter as long as it tasted good. And I thought it did.

(at least I wont make the same mistakes next time)

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The cake was amazing and I want the recipe if you are allowed to give it out. Absolutely delicious. Or, it can be the thing that you bring to family gatherings. Either way, I must have that cake again.

Comment by Denise Palma

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