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March 31, 2010, 1:23 pm
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… snack baggies!

So this all started when I came across Evelyn Fields and her no paper, no plastic kitchen.

No paper? No plastic? Meaning, no paper towels, no paper napkins, no zip locks, and no plastic food storage containers! Sound crazy? Nope it’s pure genius!

My reasons are threefold.

  1. Better for the environment.
  2. Cheaper.
  3. If I can make it (or thrift it), I’m gonna do it.

The first thing I was going to conquer was snack baggies, which would replace zip locks or any type of food storage bags. Like I said Evelyn Fields taught me everything I needed to know, even down to the material to buy. It’s called Osnaburg. It’s amazing- all natural, unbleached, and sturdy. (she even uses them for non paper towels)

I whipped up four pretty quick the other day, even managing to paint two of them.

On the ones I painted I added medium- weight vinyl, so the food wouldn’t be touching the paint, even though the paint barely bled through the fabric. However I ended up loving the ones without the vinyl. (vinyl is good for messier things and for fruit)

Next time I’m gonna get a lighter-weight vinyl, the meduim-weight is awesome for the bigger bags because it keeps them standing up.

There are so many things you can do with these:

  • paint them
  • embroider them
  • add a zipper
  • go with velcro (which is what I did)
  • vinyl or no vinyl
  • or go all natural

Next project will be napkins, I’m thinking probably made with osnaburg too.

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So my question…..if no paper, no plastic means no food storage containers….does that mean like no Tupperware and stuff? Or are you only referring to stuff you would normally throw away. Also I am in love with the acorn one!!!!

Comment by Lynda

I haven’t decided about tupperware yet but I think I probably wont have any. I mean I wont make anything I’ll just use glass containers and or jars. Now if I could only convince Caleb to get rid of the microwave. lol

Comment by savannahmoulton

Wow, this is amazing. Thank you so much for sharing.

Comment by Heather

The best.

Comment by Angie

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