I HATE cooking!
March 19, 2010, 10:34 pm
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Since Caleb was in town for two days, we celebrated his birthday. It’s been a regular tradition that I cook, this year was no different. A few weeks ago I ordered this amazing cookbook, Apples for Jam, after reading soulemama’s blog about gnocchi. I had never heard about gnocchi before. I did a little research about it and found out that it had potatoes and cheese in it- hello what could be better? Boy was I wrong, so very very wrong. I didn’t go with the gnocchi recipe from Apples for Jam because this one didn’t have potatoes, I found one that had both. I did however make her tomato pesto sauce and chocolate cake recipe.

Both the gnocchi and sauce recipe seemed fairly easy to make and I thought there was no way it could taste bad. It never crosses my mind when I’m planning that I might make it taste bad. The gnocchi was super fun to make, I have always thought that I would like making my own pasta just cause it would be fun. Everything seemed to go totally fine with making the pesto sauce too. I didn’t think the tomato sauce looked all that great it wasn’t saucy it was more like tomato juice, so I figured that would not be good.

totally adorable!

pesto- amazing!

Now it came time to cook it all. For the sauce all I needed to do was mix it together and heat it up and for the gnocchi add them to boiling water. It only took less than a minute for them to pop back up. So I took them out and added the sauce. I took one bite and that was enough- it was horrible, I think it might have been the texture and for me they didn’t taste like anything. Caleb took a bite and said they weren’t done, so I boiled some more and heated up some more sauce. I let them cook a little bit longer and then burnt the sauce- I managed to scrap enough non-burnt sauce off the burnt to a crisp sauce, for Caleb to eat the second match. This time he said they were so good. And Ethan even finished the burnt sauce, eating it with his fingers. I’m sure I didn’t like the texture, I wasn’t expecting a dumpling kinda thing, I wanted a cheese/ potato ravioli- maybe I’ll make that next! And I’ll for sure make the pesto again, but never with that tomato sauce.

I really hate baking, it’s not something that comes natural for me, maybe it’s because I’m not a sweets kinda person. I don’t go crazy over chocolate, unless there is fruit under it. The recipe was totally from scratch, both the cake and icing! Lucky for me I had Em’s help along the way. It wasn’t horrible- but who knew that egg whites got all fluffy and then I was supposed to do something with the yolks, I don’t remember what it was but I remember now that I didn’t do it. The cake ended up not being terrible just really really dry- no clue what I did wrong, maybe the eggs? However the icing was the most heavenly thing I have ever tasted and I ended up forgetting about the milk- oops! It also didn’t make enough to cover the whole cake, therefore I didn’t take a picture of it- it was not pretty.

I lack the patience for cooking- I mean if I’m gonna spend money on the food and deal with the stress of it, then I don’t wanna suck at it and I want it to taste good. But I think the real reason I hate cooking so much is because of these-


(I cooked Tuesday night and those dishes are still sitting there- bad bad bad- I know!)


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This is just the way it goes when you’re learning. Good for you for trying out so many new things, I’m proud of you. Since you don’t like to cook for the sake of cooking, you’ll just stick with the recipes you love and become an expert at those! Go wash your dishes.

Comment by Angie

Sorry about the eggs I obviously don’t know what it means to make the stiff and creamy…

Comment by Emma

Might just be what I have to do. We can live off of chicken and rice and chicken fried rice, right?

No worries Em, I think we got them creamy, stiff not so much.

Comment by savannahmoulton

For the record, it was delicious!

Comment by caleb

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